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Dear Customers, we have written the Domestic guidelines as Domestic tourism has started again. The state governments of various states and union Territories have issued some guidelines for tourists to enter the area and enjoy.

Himachal Pradesh: The state of Himachal Pradesh requires a negative Rtpcr report or full vaccination will be required to enter the state from August 13. All the tourist have to carry a COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate (both doses) or a negative RT-PCR test report not older than 72 hours or RAT negative report which is not old than 24 hours with immediate effect from 13th August 2021.

Karnataka: In the state of karnataka it is mandatory for people coming from Tamil Nadu, Kerala to carry negative COVID-19 reports which is not older than 72 hours. However for people of Maharashtra flights have different guidelines.

Maharashtra: The government of Maharashtra says tha fully vaccinated citizens can enter the state without any Rtpcr test. Rest passengers need a 72 – 48 hrs before rtpcr test.

Jammu and Kashmir: Those who want to enter in the new Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, the administration of JnK has made negative RT-PCR reports mandatory for all people who want to visit the Union Territory. Even at railway stations / airports rapid testing is done.

Goa: The domestic guidelines of GOA is that Tourists visiting the state need to furnish negative RT-PCR test results or vaccination certificates for both doses. However night curfew is still on.

Tamilnadu: For entering in the state of Tamil Nadu a negative RT-PCR test or a COVID-19 vaccination (two doses) certificate is mandatory for people coming from its neighbouring state Kerala as it has maximum cases.

Domestic Guidelines

West Bengal: All passengers who want to fly in West Bengal, will have to produce either a certificate that shows they are fully vaccinated with both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or a negative RT-PCR test report. But the passengers who are willing to arriving in West Bengal from the cities of Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai will have to produce a mandatory RT-PCR negative report at the time of boarding from August 8. Vaccination certificate dosent matter.

Andra Pradesh: Those who wish to enter in the state of Andhra Pradesh need not carry a negative RT-PCR report. If anyone is tested positive but are asymptomatic, they will have to be in 14 days of compulsory quarantine. All the visitors must register themselves on the government website

Uttar Pradesh: The government of Uttar Pradesh has ordered that inbound travellers from Kerala and Maharashtra will have to carry a negative RT-PCR report for entering Uttar Pradesh. This rule will apply to all persons for entering UP via air, road, or rail routes, including personal vehicles.

Domestic Guidelines

Punjab: For entering Punjab state & Union Territory of Chandigarh No RT-PCR test is required, if one has taken the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Buy it is compulsory to carry a COVID vaccination certificate. If an unvaccinated person is travelling then 48 hrs Rtpcr test needed.

Rajasthan: For entering the state of Rajasthan the guidelines are – vaccinated passengers (even a single dose of vaccine) need not get COVID-19 tests done upon arrival if 28 days have passed since the vaccination. For rest an Rtpcr test is compulsory are domestic guidelines of Rajasthan.

Nagaland: For Nagaland the Vaccinated persons are not required to get RT-PCR COVID-19 tests done, rest passengers need an Rtpcr test which is not earlier than 72 hours before arrival. For traveling without Rtpcr test travellers must ensure that at least 15 days have passed since they received the first dose of their vaccine. All Local passengers returning to Nagaland will have to be in home quarantine for duration of seven days.

Odisha: In the state of Odisha only Fully vaccinated travellers are being allowed to enter without RT-PCR tests. They are required to enter with their COVID-19 vaccination certificate. All other passengers will have to carry negative RT-PCR reports. But if any passenger does not have a Covid test certificate or Rtpcr test then he or she will have to undergo mandatory home or institutional quarantine for seven days on own cost.

Bihar: In Bihar state only fully vaccinated travellers are allowed to enter without RT-PCR tests. But for entering in the cities of Patna and GAYA only-Passengers arriving from MP, Delhi & NCR, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala &Punjab will require Vaccination Certificate/RT- PCR/RAT negative report from ICMR accredited labs. The Rtpcr timeline for the same starts from the swab collection time. Different flights have different guidelines as well.

Domestic Guidelines

Chattisgarh: In Chattisgarh state, only Vaccination certificate will be required if fully vaccinated or it is mandatory to carry a negative RT-PCR report conducted not more than 96 hours before arrival.

Delhi: For entering the Union territory of Delhi no Rtpcr test is required but in view of the surge in number of COVID-19 cases, random sample collection will be done for passengers arriving from states where there has been a spurt in number for COVID-19 cases. Passengers will be allowed to exit after the testing is done.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: In the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands The RT-PCR report has to be from within 48 before starting the journey. It will not be valid if date of test is beyond 2 days (48 hours) or more. Also Rapid testing can be done at airport. These domestic guidelines have to be followed by everyone.

Assam: The guidelines of entering Assam are Effective from 9th April 2021. All passengers who wish to arrive in Assam from Mumbai and Bengaluru will have to mandatorily carry a negative RT-PCR report. Passengers will have to go an rapid test / Rtpcr test on arrival.

Domestic Guidelines

Kerala: In Kerala Rtpcr test 48 hours before is mandatory for everyone. The Passengers who won’t bring an RT-PCR test report will have to remain in self isolation for 14 days from date of entry to Kerala and do self-observation regarding symptoms.

Leh and Ladakh: In the union territory of Ladakh the Passengers arriving into Ladakh must have a negative RT-PCR report done within 96 hours before their arrival. Covid-19 test report which is not older than 96 hours before their arrival will undergo mandatory Covid-19 RT-PCR/RAT test.

Jharkhand: For entering Jharkhand the passengers from Maharashtra and Kerala must carry a negative RT-PCR test report done within 72 hours prior to departure. Even if you are carrying a negative RT-PCR report, all passengers arriving in Ranchi have to undergo to a COVID test.

Uttarakhand: For entering Uttarakhand you can carry an Rtpcr test before departure or it may be done at the airport or border. A person will be exempted from Rtpcr test, if they are travelling 15 days after being completely vaccinated. Also chardham yatra has opened.

Gujarat: For entering Gujarat you require an Rtpcr test of 72-48 hours before.

Telengana: Telengana don’t require any Rtpcr test from anyone.

Few states / Union Territory are left out as the guidelines keep changing but are available on advice.

As mentioned for few places the flights have different domestic guidelines. Hence if you book any domestic tourism trip from us we will provide you complete details as well during booking.



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