Camping is a re-creational activity in which the participants take up temporary residence in the outdoors, usually staying in the tents which are specially designed or adapted vehicles for unique shelter experience. Camping was only a rough, back-to-nature pastime for the few open-air lovers, but it later became the standard holiday for vast numbers of ordinary families and tourist all over. Let’s talk about camping places in and near Mumbai.


Camp River Rush is located at the banks for River Kundalika, tents are pitched amidst greenery, next to the Kundalika river. The campsite has all basic amenities of a camp. We have taken all the important and necessary safety precautions at the campsite. Our camping packages are pocket friendly which includes tent stay, river rafting experience, water sports, evening snacks, dinner and morning breakfast. Kolad city is also known as the adventure capital of Maharashtra state. The most famous attraction in Kolad city is the Kundalika River Rafting also known as White Water Rafting in Kolad. Along with river rafting, we also offer you other water sports activities like kayaking, river crossing, banana boat ride, zip lining, etc. River Rafting in Kolad city is very safe as there is no minor or major changes in the levels of water in this river.


One of our best campsite is located on the Lonavala Foothills, amidst the huge and dense Forest and near the origin of Amba River , Falyan Jungle Camp is a Serene Place which gives you a unique Jungle Camping experience which is one of its own kind. The venue is suitable for one day picnics, overnight camping, corporate outing, couples, friends school trips, offbeat celebrations , outdoor shoots, Pre-wedding shoots and Birding.

Camp Curlies is an nature bound camp which surrounded by trees from three sides. There is also a water canal located near the campsite as well. We have various in-house activities like football, table tennis, badminton, cycling, and carrom. We organize various adventure activities as well like zip line and rappelling at an minimum extra charge and best service. You can also take a relaxing nature walk near the campsite. Nights are spent by the huge campfire where you can enjoy some live music performance with friends and families.


This exquisite nature bound campsite is situated on a lush green landscape alongside the banks of the famous Pawna lake in Lonavala which is surrounded by the misty valleys of the lush green Western Ghats mountain range which gives a unique experience to the tourist. The sceneary at thr Pawna Lake is made more beautiful with the presence of various tourist attractions like the Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort. It has an refreshing ambiance which makes this place a very beautiful destination to visit and enjoy near Lonavala and Khandala with family, friends, couples, etc.

Kalsubai Peak Trek has a height of 1646m or 5400 Feets, it is famous as the highest peaks in the state of Maharashtra. Kalsubai Mountain lies in the beautiful Sahyadri mountain range which is falling under Kalsubai harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary. Kalsubai peak commands a beautiful view of a large part of the city as it is on a huge height. There are various steel railings, chains and ladders at places where it is difficult to climb which makes it easy and adventure for the tourist. Camping under the stars and moon light at the highest peak of state of Maharashtra gives a person an thrilling experience to remember forever.

Bhandardara is a beautiful hill station which lies nestled deep in folds of the huge Sahyadri mountain ranges in the northern Maharashtra and is around 170 kms away from Mumbai. It is a pure beauty and is complete with several tourist attractions near by. It consists of a calm lake which is bounded by few waterfalls, dams, valley, craggy mountains, glorious forts and lot more. The bhandardara camping and kalsubai peak trek are very near. During may and June the forest of bhandardara gives you unique experience of the fireflies.

Alibaug in a small town near Mumbai which is connected only by road ways and water ways. The way to reach Alibaug city gives us a unique travelling experience which tells us about the Beautiful and cool city. Alibaug is a popular destinations for tourists, couples, family and friends, etc. The speciality of Alibaug camping is open from September to May (closed during rainy season). With all important precautions there are various outdoor games like Cricket, football, badminton, etc. We also give you unique experience of BBQ, born fire, movie screening, a walk at the beach. All these make it one of the best camp sites to visit.


We can provide you best packages and facility for all places.


Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan is a classy city also known as pink city has so much to offer you from its list of tourist attractions. It is well known and declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is any day a great idea to plan a trip to Jaipur, not only for witnessing its architecture but also to enjoy good food, shopping, and even to seek the blessings of gods.


Rangeelo Rajasthan means each city of Rajasthan has various importance related to colors. Few of them are -:

Jaipur – Pink city

Jodhpur – Blue city / Sun City

Jaisalmer – Golden city

Udaipur – White city / City of lakes

Here are top places in Jaipur that you must visit in the pink city Jaipur :

City Palace -: City Palace is located in the middle of Old Jaipur area which covers around one-seventh of that area. The beautiful palace is divided into various distinct parts which includes a few courtyards, gardens, palaces and more. A part of the palace has also been converted into a museum where you can witness all the antiques and belongings of the royal family. The walls are sculpted and decorated with mirrors and hand paintings which shows the beauty of the art and the artist.


Amer Fort -: This fort is famous historical fort and a reflection of Rajputana style architecture. It is mainly known for its elephant rides and the mesmerizing sound and light show that draws the tourists in thousands every day. The fort is one of the best example of the beautiful creativity and craftsmanship of the Rajput artists and architects. This Fort is one of the oldest forts of state of Rangeelo Rajasthan and says a lot about the state’s glorious past.

Nahargarh Fort -: Nahargarh Fort is a majestic, beautiful and magnificent fort, the fort is situated in the Aravalli mountain ranges in the pink city Jaipur. There are various structures inside the fort – a temple dedicated to deity of Jaipur monarchs, another temple dedicated to Prince Nahar Singh Bhomia, a 2-storey building known as Madhavendra Bhavan.


Jaigarh Fort -: Jaigarh Fort is located at a distance of just 500 feet above the sea level and offers beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding. It houses one of the world’s largest cannon on the wheels which is called ‘Jaivana Cannon’. There are various other spots to see and learn within the fort like Laxmi Vilas, Lalit Mandir, Aram Mandir and the Vilas Mandir.

Hawa Mahal -: Hawa (Air) Mahal (Palace) is also one of the best places to visit in the pink city Jaipur which features a splendid fusion of Islamic, Mughal, and the Rajput architectural styles. Its has various architecture styles like domed canopies, floral patterns, lotus motifs, and fluted pillars and all of them reflect the rich Rajput style. Designed in colours of red and pink sandstone, this palace boasts of a pyramidal shape which gives an own experience to watch.


Jal Mahal -: Jal (Water) Mahal (palace) hence also known as Water Palace is considered as the most beautiful architectural palace that was built with the Mughal and Rajput craftsmanship. Jal Mahal palace provides a beautiful scenery view of the Man Sagar Lake and the Ilahargarh hills which border’s the Jal Mahal. There are boats located which are traditionally built by boat makers of Vrindavan and a ride to beautiful Jal Mahal in those traditional boats takes you to the beautiful history of Rangeelo Rajasthan.

Albert Hall Museum -: Albert Hall Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. The architecture is now a popular Museum of the city of Jaipur which showcases the various objects and artifacts of the rich history of ancient India and more. The museum is also known for its exquisite unique collection and also for its wonderful architecture. The museum has a set of 16 galleries in total and one gallery is declared as the ‘gallery of the month’.


Galtaji -: Galtaji is an ancient rich Hindu pilgrimage in the Indian state of Rangeelo Rajasthan which is sbout 10 kms from the pink city Jaipur. The site consists of huge series of temples built in the ring of hills which surrounds Jaipur in a narrow crevice. A natural spring located emerges high on the hills and flows towards downwards, filling a series of holy kunds where Hindu pilgrims bathe. The Visitors and pilgrims can ascend the crevasse and continue past the highest water pool to a hilltop temple from where there are views of city of Jaipur and its fortifications which is spread over the valley floor.

Govind Dev Ji Temple –: Govind Dev ji Temple is an important and huge Hindu pilgrimage site, especially for the people who hold high regard and devotion for the Lord Krishna. The deity of the temple was brought from the city of Vrindavan by Raja Sawai Jai Singh Ji to prevent its destruction by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb whose aim was to destroy hindu temples. According to a popular Hindu legend, the idol placed here is closest to the real appearance and looks of Lord Krishna during his incarnation. The temple is visited by thousands of devotees every day, especially during the festivals of Janmashtami and Holi.


These attractions capture Jaipur as s tourist city but visitors can also visit various other places like Gaitore, Sisodiya Rani Bagh and the world famous Chokhi Dhani. These places are located on the outskirts of the city of Jaipur are sure to make your trip even more worthwhile.

We can provide tour package of Jaipur as well as full Rangeelo Rajasthan.

Union Territories of India

The Union Territories of India are an important part of the country from tourism point of view. There are 8 Union Territories in India viz: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar haveli, Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu and Kashmir, Leh and Ladakh & Pondicherry. Before seperation of Jammu and Kashmir & Leh Ladakh there were 7 union territories.

Union Territories

The importance of Union Territories of India from tourism point of view are:-

1 . Andaman and Nicobar Islands :
Andaman and Nicobar Islands have various Islands surrounded by sea level. Hence water sports activities, cruise’s are well known here. It is also a destination well preferred for honeymoon couples. Each island has various unique features and choice for tourist. The way to reach Andaman and Nicobar Islands is via flight and ship, both of them helps a person to reach Port Blair which is the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Andaman Islands is also a first choice for the foreign tourists when they plan to visit India. The beautiful nature, cruise’s, choice of Travellers, etc. makes it one of the best Union Territories of India.

Union Territories

2. Lakshadweep :
The Lakshadweep Islands is an important part of the country. Just like Andaman Islands it is surrounded with ocean. The water sports activities and a silent environment gives people a feeling of pleasure. The way to reach Lakshadweep Islands is via ship or air. Lakshadweep is slowly developing which is bringing comfert for the tourist as well. As per the need of the tourist focus is on more hotel development and also availablity of alcohol. One of the Union Territories of India which is developing.

Union Territories

3. Daman and Diu / Dadar and Nagar Haveli :

Daman and Diu :
The Union Territory of Daman and Diu is based in the state of Gujarat. The ways to reach Daman and Diu is roadways, airways and railways. The nearest airport is Diu airport and the nearest railway station is Somnath station which is just 63 kilometres away from Daman and Diu. Daman and Diu is known for it’s beaches, temple’s and churches, museums which represents history of Gujarat, wildlife sanctuary and more. All these attractions, best facilities make Daman and Diu the best Union Territories of India to visit.

Union Territories

Dadar and Nagar Haveli :
The Union Territory of Dadar and Nagar haveli is also based in the state of Gujarat and near Union Territory of Daman and Diu. It also has the same features like Daman and Diu and hence is the choice of travellers to visit. The nearest airport is Diu airport and railway station is Somnath. One can reach Dadar and Nagar haveli via roadways, airways and railways.

Union Territories

4. Delhi :
The capital city of India: Delhi is also one of the Union Territories of India. The Union Territory of Delhi holds great importance for the tourist. It is itself a great tourist spot with great cultural importance, history, independence struggle and best facilities. Delhi is also a great contributing factor for helping a tourist to reach other states like Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Devbhoomi Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. People also visit Delhi and neighbouring states for business purposes and delhi for medical purpose. Hence business tourism and medical tourism is also an important factor here. One can reach Delhi via airways, railways and roadways.

5. Chandigarh :
The Union Territory of Chandigarh is a city of state of Punjab. Chandigarh City has various beautiful lakes, tourist spots, temples and gurudwara. One can reach Chandigarh via airways, railway and roadways. Chandigarh also provides better connectivity to other parts of Punjab, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh which is one of the best honeymoon destinations. Chandigarh has best tourist spots and best tourism facilities. All these factors make Chandigarh one of the best Union Territories of India.

6. Jammu and Kashmir :
The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is the recently formed union territory after the removal of 370 and 35A known for its best tourism spots, temples, mosque, etc. Srinagar the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir is known for its beauty. Kashmir on the other hand had various hill stations and Jammu has the famous Temple of vaishno devi. Hence it is a part of pilgrimage tourism as well. One can reach Jammu and Kashmir via roadways, airways and railways. The nearest airport is Srinagar and Jammu and nearest railway station is Jammutawi, Katra. All these facilities and natural beauty makes it one of the best Union Territories of India.

7. Leh and Ladakh :
The Union Territory of Leh Ladakh was also formed with Jammu and Kashmir. Leh Ladakh also has the various beautiful nature points, lakes, etc which one must enjoy. Leh Ladakh is operational from April to September month. Also Leh Ladakh has different climate and environment, hence it is advisable by doctors to stay in a hotel on the first day and not go out anywhere. Various movies are shooted in both Jammu and Kashmir & Leh Ladakh at famous tourist spots. The best way to reach Leh Ladakh is airways and roadways.

8. Pondicherry :
The Union Territory of Pondicherry lies in the city of Tamil Nadu. The union territory is a home to various beautiful beaches, tea plantation, temples and churches. The small city is well known for the tourist. Pondicherry is a first choice travelling destination for the youth and destination is similar to Goa, Andaman and Lakshadweep. One can reach Pondicherry via airways, railways and roadways. All these choices of traveller’s makes it one of the best Union Territories of India.

One must visit all these Union Territories and enjoy themselves. All destinations are comfortable for friends groups, couples and families as well. We can arrange tours at all places as per the customer’s requirements.


Ahmedabad is a perfect destination for those who love to visit great tourist attractions, with having number of exciting places to see in and around the city. Perfectly describing the city of Ahmedabad is full of splendid monuments, wonderful museums and gorgeous lakes. There are various sightseeing places to visit in Ahmedabad city that are truly worth visiting.


Some Of Places To Vist In Ahmedabad Are

Sabarmati Ashram –
The very first name that pops into the mind at the problem out of Ahmedabad is that of Sabarmati Ashram and Mahatma Gandhi. Once home to Bapu and being the centre of operations for the Indian freedom struggle, it’s miles placed on the banks of river Sabarmati.


Sabarmati River
River Sabarmati Ahmedabad is for those who like roaming spherical, breathing with in the very essence of a town they’ll be touring to. Right via manner of technique of the element of River Sabarmati, lies this stretch that’s been these days superior as a vacationer appeal. You can walk via manner of technique of the riverside, by skip boating, or genuinely sit down and enjoy the view. You can hire a deliver from any of the three bridges that over run the river on this stretch. The riverfront at River Sabarmati Ahmedabad is regularly believed to be India’s way to the River Thames.


Kankaria Zoo –
Kamala Nehru Zoological Garden or Kankaria Zoo as it more over referred to as is the proper picnic spot in Ahmedabad. Kids love the area for its big shape of plant life and fauna. Located on the banks of Kankaria Lake, the zoo modified into set up in 1951. It is a haven for plant life and fauna fanatics for you could find out some unusual and endangered species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. In 2017, the zoo spread out a nocturnal section, which houses animals like hyenas, jackals, and leopards; animals which may be most active at night. The nocturnal zoo is one in each of its kind in Gujarat and as it uses moderate manipulate to bring about a night-like environment in the path of the day, making the ones animals active.

Hutheesing Jain Temple –
This temple gives the rich cultural information of Ahmedabad. Made with marble and carved with immoderate finesse, this splendid artwork of artwork pays reverence to Dharmanath, who modified into the fifteenth Jain Tirthankara. The temple courtyard paved with marble has fifty cubicles which is probably the sanctum sanctorum for the numerous Tirthankaras.

Auto World Vintage Car Museum –
Right from horse-drawn carriages and railway saloons to amazing convertibles, some grand vintage motors, and a amazing collection of vintage buggies, the museum is a seen delight. The motors exhibited proper right proper right proper right proper right here represent producers like Rolls-Royce, Buick-Cadillac, Daimler, Bentley, Chryslers etc.

Calico Museum of Textiles –
One of the oldest museums in Ahmedabad, it awe conjures up travelers with its big collection of unusual textiles, fabrics, and artefacts. A pashmina from Kashmir famous a place next to a tie-and-dye from Gujarat, providing you with a glimpse of the manner of life and manner of life which is probably visible in India.

Gujarat Science City –
This technological information city offers medical facts to you in an exciting and exciting manner. It is an initiative undertaken via manner of technique of the Gujarat government to boom an interest in human beings for technological information. Exhibits that spark your imagination, virtual truth interest corners that hold you entertained and easy-to-apprehend demonstrations make this technological information city one of the wonderful places to visit.

Bhadra Fort –
It turned into in 1411 that the founding father of the town of Ahmedabad, Sultan Ahmad Shah constructed Bhadra Fort. It is a famous tourist attraction which holds many stories within its walls. There is a temple which is known as Bhadra Kali Temple, which gave the fort its name. The Bhadra fort also has a grand courtyard with lush green lawns and several palaces.

Sarkhej Roza –
A commercial enterprise organisation of tombs and pillars make up the lovely complex of Sarkhej Roza. Like most monuments showing Islamic architecture, this one too has some amazing latticework along side complex carvings. Built spherical an artificial water body, referred to as Sarkhej Lake, this tomb is a number of the architectural factors of hobby of the city. While its brackets and pillars are Islamic factors, the majority of ornamental motifs are starkly Hindu influences.

Rani no Hajiro –
Rani no Hajiro, which means Queen’s Tomb, holds the graves of the queen consorts of Ahmed Shah. Away from the chaos of the city, travelers flock this location for the calm that marks the location, in entire evaluation to its look which has been made pretty energetic with buntings delivered to the location through the squatters. The graves here, not like at different tombs, aren’t in a closed corridor however in an open courtyard.


We can provide you a customized tour package according to your preference. We also can provide you any place of your choice tour package.



In India winters are the time of festivities and feel good spirit. Each city of India has different weather conditions during the same time, some of them faces snowfall and some just have cool weather and others which gives you varity to choose.
Here is a list of top 10 holiday destinations in India that you could visit in Winter -:

1. Queen Of Hills And Hinterlands Himachal Pradesh –:
Winters in the hill stations of Devbhoomi Himachal Pradesh are Kullu, Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, McLeodganj and more. These places are perfect for adventure sports, winter honeymoons, and enjoying a snowfall. Anyone can enjoy the experience of river rafting in the Beas river at Kullu, paragliding, tobogganing, and skiing in Solang Valley near Manali, night camping at McLeodganj, and a walk down the mall road in Shimla.


2. Royal State Rajasthan (Rangeelo Rajasthan) :-
The best time to visit Rangeelo Rajasthan is during winters. There is a all new experience about visiting the different forts and palaces of Rajasthan, coupled with traditional folk dances and the famed Rajasthan hospitality. Jodhpur the blue or Sun City and Jaisalmer the golden city are must-visit cities in Rajasthan during the winter season.  As a part of the huge and beautiful Thar Desert, these cities offer a magical experience. Jaisalmer is also known as the desert city or golden city and also offer best activities that can be done here.


3. The Devbhoomi Uttarakhand –
The Devbhoomi Uttarakhand has various tourist spots like ancient temples, forest reserves, national parks, hill stations, and mountain peaks. The mornings during winter season are mostly foggy or covered with snow a slight nip in the air, a greater chance to sight the wild animals including the tigers gives the visitor a unique experience of the Jim Corbett National Park during winters. On the other hand the city of Nainital that is the one of the best winter destinations in India, thanks to the snowfall it receives during winters and those seeking adventure sports activities which one must try rafting and bungee jumping in Rishikesh followed by Ganga Aarti and Ram and Laxman Jhula.


4. Cultural Capital Of India Gujarat –
Gujarat is known as the Cultural Capital of India. The festival of Rann Utsav organized at the white desert on the Great Rann of Kutch is one of the unique winter destinations in India, and the Asiatic lions at the Sasan Gir Forest of Gujarat add to the tourist attractions of this winter holiday destination in India. Also the Statue of Unity and near by places are best to visit during the winter season.

5. Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir – 
The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir valley is a tourist attraction all year round known for its lush Mughal Gardens, glittering Dal Lake, and the picturesque hinterlands, but during the winters it gives us a unique combination of the lush green valleys and the snowcapped mountains makes the experience absolutely amazing. One can make a snow man or engage in a snow fight in Sonmarg, enjoy skiing and cable car at Gulmarg, or walk hand-in-hand with your loved one in Pahalgam, Also do not miss a walk through the beautiful Mughal Gardens at Srinagar.

6. Mahabaleshwar –
Mahabaleshwar is a popular hill station near Mumbai city which attracts countless visitors because of its weather. The winter weather is just right, and one can head outdoors without worrying about the hot sun. The temperature of Mahabaleshwar is often between 10 and 32 degree Celsius. Various visitors visit the hill station of Mahabaleshwar in winter, especially young couples and honeymooners. Also Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani can be visited together.

7. Punjab –
Winter season in the state of Punjab remains cold and enjoyable, with temperatures usually hovering between 0°C and 26°C. The cool climatic conditions and various enjoyable festivals are witnessed during winter season in Punjab which makes it the best time of the year to explore Punjab’s tourist spots. Some of the important festivals in which tourists can take part are joy the festival and take blessings in front of a traditional bonfire of Lohri or be forced to contend with fierce kite-flying competitors during Basant Panchami.

8. Visakhapatnam –
The weather during winter period is pleasing and windy. The religious festivals of Visakha Utsav is celebrated . There is no or less humidity in the air enhancing the travelling experience even more. There are various locations to visit near sea side.

9. Sikkim – 
The winter season in Sikkim is too cool but it is flourished with mesmerising scenic delights. The seas occupied with snow, the greenary and the white roads are beautiful to watch. At this time of the season, there are various festivals that are celebrated here such as Mangan music festival, Maghey Sankranti, Lossong, Losar and of course Gutar Cham whic bih gives the tourist an opportunity to witness the popular Cham dance performed by the masked monks in the monasteries.

10. Hyderabad –
Visiting the City of Nawabs during winters avoids perspiration and the beautiful landscape during this season is indeed a visual treat for the visitors. From festive point of view, during winters the tourist preferr it as the best season is due to the ‘Pongal’ festival-a festival which enables the visitors to witness the harvest season. Hyderabad is best place to enjoy for couples and families with many new things to learn as well.

Note: We have packages of all the places and other places as well. Each and every city can be visited during winters


Thinking about overseas adventure travel? Did you had any thought into the simplest places to travel when it involves overseas adventure travel? Nepal is one of the most popular place in world . Only overseas adventure travel in Nepal will offer you these sorts of opportunities so if this is often not on your list of possible places to go to yet then now is the time to put it on there!


In Nepal your overseas adventure travel goes to be peace full and adventurous. You will get to ascertain the Himalayan Mountains and knowledge all that the rich Nepalese culture has got to offer. They are an incredible folks that have managed to carry on to their own culture and beliefs longer than most other countries. When overseas adventure travel takes you to Nepal you’ll have the prospect to ascertain all of the superb and one among a sort lakes and forests and you can even spend days or weeks camping under star out in their forests with a local specialized guide. And the waterfalls in Nepal will give you a mesmorising view that you can’t forget you’ll never see anything more gorgeous in your life as their waterfalls! This should be at the very best of your overseas adventure travel destination list for sure!

When you get into overseas adventure travel you’re getting to need to bring your own supplies, a minimum of a number of them. For example your hiking shoes are a needed , also as special jackets and such. These can save your life once you are out there within the wilderness so don’t forget them once you’re packing for your overseas adventure travel.

When you get to Nepal you’ll find that the foremost popular of all overseas adventure travel there’s trekking. Thousands of individuals come to the present fabulous country annually to trek through the mountains and therefore the forests. You will generally go trekking with a gaggle of people , most of them visitors in overseas adventure travel also . You will all have a trained and specialized guide to need you on your trek and this trek can last from every day to weeks, all relying on the what quite overseas adventure travel you’re interested by .


Those who run the trekking will usually bring along their own staff, this staff is there to help you with anything that you simply simply need and to carry all of the camping gear. They willingly even carry your bag for you once you continue this type of overseas adventure travel. They are simply there for you to make your trip and trek easier and more fun and relaxing. This overseas adventure travel staff also are going to be the folks that cook for you each day and who acknowledged and break down the camp when involved .


There is no better place to travel for your overseas adventure travel than Nepal. It is a friendly, loving and hospitable place where you’ll revisit to nature and luxuriate in the wonders of the planet through overseas adventure travel.

Alibaug Beach Camping

Alibaug Beach Camping

Alibaug Beach Camping is visited by tourist for 2 days relaxation from the busy and hectic life. Alibaug is a small town near Mumbai where there are few beach side camping of Alibaug and we provide our customers the best one.

Our team is organising a fixed departure at the relaxing Alibaug Beach Camping on the following dates

23rd to 24th January

13th to 14 February (Valentine’s day special)

27th to 28th February

The itinerary for Beach Camping will be:

Day 1: Depart from the ferry’s at Gateway of India / Bhaucha Dhakka and reach Alibaug port. From there you can tak Tam Tam auto which can accommodate 8 person together till the camp site. Our guide will accommodate you from the location we have shared during time of booking.

On reaching the campsite you will be welcomed with welcome drink and you will be given accommodation in your tents followed by snacks and barbecue. You are free to enjoy leisure time in tents or at the beach in the way you want but you need to ensure that it does not harm anyone. Music and dance activities are also on during the stay. Unlimited Dinner will be served after which one can continue enjoying or sleep.

Day 2: After breakfast check out from the camp and depart home with happy memories. Departure will be by the same mode of transport as one had arrived.

Please Note:

If a groups needs bus travel then we can arrange the same on extra cost. Cost for any mode of transport is not included in 1250/- per person

If one group of 10 or more needs to go on different dates then that can also be done

All the washrooms and tents are washed properly daily

We assure you of complete satisfaction and value of money as our customers has previously visited the camping through us and we’re satisfied.

The cost for Alibaug Beach Camping will be 1250/- per person only


Stay in tent on double occupancy

Proper pillow and chadar

Welcome drink (complimentary)

Snacks and BBQ



Charging points


All tax, DA, Parking, few sightseeing (If you need bus which will be on additional cost)


Ferry cost

Auto cost

Any Liquor and personal expenses

Toll expense (If you need bus which will be on additional cost)

Any special decoration for an event if you want us to do

For bookings contact us:

Mohit Agarwal: 9372022718 (Call / What’s app)

Sahil Soni: 9967135065 (Call / What’s app)



#VOCALFORLOCAL Alibaug Beach Camping

New Year Celebration (Trip)

New Year Celebration

New Year Celebration





• DATE :- 28TH DECEMBER 2020 TO 5TH Jan 2021.


• TOTAL COST :- ₹ 12,000/- pp (Without train/air fare)


Sleeper – ₹ 1700/- pp.

3Ac – ₹ 3750/- pp


Paschim express : Bandra to Ambala Cantt

Paschim express : Ambala Cantt to Bandra

New Year Celebration


Below is the itinerary for New Year Celebration Trip

Day 01. Board the train from Bandra.

Day 02. Next day reach Ambala Cant. Pick up from Ambala Cant and drive to Shimla. Evening stroll at Mall Road. We will go back to hotel and have dinner and overnight stay.

Meals :- Dinner

Day 03. After breakfast there would be a day trip to Kurfi and local sightseeing of Shimla. In evening we will go back to the hotel and then will have dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.

Meals :- Breakfast and Dinner

Day 04. After breakfast transfer to Manali from Shimla, Enroute sightseeing of Kullu. Reach Manali and Overnight stay at Manali.

Meals :- Breakfast and Dinner.

Day 05. After breakfast enjoy a day trip to Solang Valley enjoy the beautiful snowy weather and other Activities. In evening we will go back to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Meals :- Breakfast and Dinner.

Day 06. After breakfast a day trip of local sightseeing of Manali and evening back to the hotel for dinner and overnight in hotel.

Meals :- Breakfast and Dinner.

Day 07. After breakfast transfer to Chandigarh and enroute local sightseeing. Reach Chandigarh and overnight stay in Hotel.

Meals :- Breakfast and Dinner.

Day 08. After breakfast drop at Ambala Cant station. Board the train.

Meals :- Breakfast.

Day 09. Reach Mumbai and depart home with happy memories of your New Year Celebration.


Shimla mall road

Temples, churches



Solang valley

Gulaba valley.

Hadimba Devi temple

Rock garden

Sukhna lake.

Rose garden

Manali mall road.

The Hotels used will be :-




The inclusions of your New Year Celebration Trip are as follows:








All these in just 9000/- per person for triple sharing
All these in just 10,500/- per person for double sharing
Bookings also open for solo travellers

Grab the offers for your New Year Celebration Trip soon

Note: All necessary precautions will be taken by us. The customer also needs to be aware of their social responsibility.

The Exclusions for your New Year Celebration Trip are:





For bookings please contact:+

MOHIT AGARWAL -9372022718 / SAHIL SONI- 9967135065

Both the numbers are for calling and what’s app
You can also reach us through


INSTAGRAM – World_4_travellers


Grab your offers soon, seats filling fast. Book today and enjoy yourself.

Travelling Is Important

Travelling Is Important

Travelling Is Important

Travelling Is Important for any individual in order to spend time with friends and family, relaxation of mind and many other reasons. People prefer to travel on various occasions like their honeymoon, anniversaries, reunion, birthday and even without the above reasons just to take a break from their daily routine and relax their mind with this you can imagine how travelling puts an impact in the life on individual.

Travelling Is Important

Travel and Travelling can be done with anyone and anywhere a person wishes to. Even solo travelling is a trend nowadays. This tour relaxes the traveller completely as he is alone and completely free to do as per his or her will.

Travelling Is Important

Due to travelling people are also able to attend their business meetings, family functions, other functions, medical treatment, meet your friends and family and various other purposes. For all these reasons Travelling Is Important. Today various people want to travel as they want to step out due to the environment in order to refresh themselves and at the same time people are scared as well. But you can travel stress free with Team World 4 Travellers as from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and foreign countries operating we aim to maintain strict measures to be taken during the ongoing pandemic. Starting from flighs / train booking to hotel and food to sightseeing to returning. At few places we also have the facility of Covid 19 insurance.

We understand Travelling Is Important and every customer has a different taste. So for all customers we have different packages which will make their travelling the best.

A person who wants green and small hill station: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra
A person who wants cold areas: Himachal, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Andra Pradesh, Kashmir and Ladakh and our beloved North East India
A person who wants Pilgrimage: Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Odhisha
A person who wants beaches: Andaman, Goa
A person who wants to know about history: Rajasthan, Gujarat
A person who wants wildlife: Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh
A person who wants complete enjoyment: Telengana, Rajasthan, Gujarat

#VocalForLocal Travelling Is Important

No matter what we can give customers the best service in any place they want. As per the needs of the customer’s. Till that we have satisfied all our customers of all age groups and we will be continuing the same. Travelling Is Important for the guest and for us as well. We feel it’s out duty to give the best service to the guest. We also deal in foreign countries as per any demand any one can contact us form any part of the world. We have also attached the links of out itinerary, reviews and photo gallery. You can have a look and contact us.

Travelling in Covid

Travelling in Covid

Travelling in Covid can be a debatable topic. Some want to travel for change in their routine and some want to stay home considering the issues. However here we are giving some safety measures from our sides for all the customers who want to travel with us. This time can be the right time to travel for some people as it will make you free from the daily toxic routine and you can enjoy time with family even if you have work from home as net is available everywhere but the condition is you need to use time management skills.

The Government of India has set various guildelines for Travelling in Covid in the process of Unlock for those who want to. In addition to the same we, team World 4 Travellers also has set some guidelines keeping in mind the safety of our tourist.

In Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra (for residents of Maharashtra), Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Andaman, Manipur, Odhisha, Telengana and Kerala there is no test required before travelling. But just for your safety we have 2 options: Either you can have a Covid test from ICMR 48 hours before or fill our official self declaration form. It is done for safety purposes only. For now Travel is open in the country only. However even when the international travel starts we will maintain the same and make your travel corona free.

The other measures from the government and our teams to make Travelling in Covid safer are below. The customers should follow the same for a safe journey.

There will be no hand luggage in flight: During Covid situation the travellers are not permitted for to carry 7kg hand luggage in a flight. Every thing needs to go in 20kg luggage. However ladies can carry purse but they have to keep it between legs.

Sanitization: The car and the hotel room which you will be in will be sanitized properly so that the minute changes of infection are not there. Even the monuments are sanitized. This will help you to travel without any stress. Also you can santize it from your end.

Mask and Golves: Wearing of mask is mandatory for those who want to do travelling in Covid. Recently the DGCA (The Director General Of Civil Aviation) has asked airlines to put those tourist under “No Fly List” those Travelling without mask which means that they can be banned from Travelling in any airlines for not following the guidelines. On the other hand gloves are not compulsory. But we would recommend you to wear disposal or non disposal gloves whenever you travel for your own safety.

Social distancing: Social distancing is the new norm due to the Covid-19 situation. Weather it’s your guide, hotel staff or any other person it is the responsibility of every individual to maintain social distancing in order to provide any infection.

Food: The food will now be served on (A la cart basis) which means that there will be no boufey system now, the food will be served in the room. As such areas in the hotels are small and a large number of people gather together this can cause no social distancing and you may be in contact with an infected person.

Use of Aarogya Setu: Use of Aarogya Setu is compulsory from the time of you start traveling in covid till the time you end your travel. The app helps you and makes you alert if there is an infected person near you or no. If any it will alert you which will help you in taking the necessary measures.

Other: Just follow the other rules like qurantine after travel. Even if not mentioned qurantine your self for a day or two.

All the above measures will help you to do a journey safetly. Yes it may look as a fear to some people but it’s for your safety only, it will make your travel corona free. We will have to learn to live with Covid and it’s precautionary measures. All this will be in your normal life as well, so there is no difference when you are travelling in Covid.

As we say at the end reach home with happy memories. Following such guidelines will really help you in reaching home with happy memories. Travelling in Covid can give you a different experience and such memories can be discussed later.

#VocalForLocal Travelling in Covid