Best easiest or cheapest places to trek in Maharashtra

Best easiest or cheapest places to trek in Maharashtra is a boon for the tourist or trekker as it is something which gives us an opportunity to have good health and also to view nature.

Due to the current situation going on in our world. This monsoon is gonna be at our home I guess. When did the last time you went for trekking with your friends ? Was it a Summer, Winter or Monsoon Trek ?

Well it could have been any or it could be neither . This blog is for the beginners who want to get the trek experience. Imagine the time when you go for any trek, weather it be solo or with your friends or with a travel group. Remember the cool breeze, the greenery, the mountains, the muddy patches, the snack breaks, yeah in between you get exhausted but everything is for a reason and finally at the top for which we started. Did you imagine it ? Well you just got chills !!! Don’t worry beginners there is no need to worry. We have got you the easiest trek places with spectacular views. Let’s find out the best easiest or cheapest places to trek in Maharashtra.

These places are some offbeat destinations that are easy to moderate level treks and you would get a fun experience trekking at these places. Below are the best easiest or cheapest places to trek in Maharashtra .

  1. Karnala fort trek.
  2. Korigad fort trek.
  3. Lohagad fort trek.
  4. Visapur fort trek
  5. Kalsubai peak trek

  1. Karnala Fort Trek

Location – 10km from Panvel city.
Duration both ways- Approx 2hrs {1 day trek}.
Height – 439m {1440ft}.
Timing – 6am to 6pm.

So Karnala fort for you is a very good option to start the trek trails. Trekking during monsoon makes it the best experience. Hiking in the middle of lush green forest is something breathtakingly. Today, the ruins of the fort are a popular destination for trekking. Also it is protected area within the Karnala Bird Sanctuary so you might get to see some beautiful birds. One should definitely try it on their first trek. Basic necessities are also available before the trek. All these factors make Karnala Fort one of the best places to trek in Maharashtra.

  1. Korigad Fort Trek.

Location – Aamby Valley City near Lonavala
Duration both ways – Approx 2hrs {1 day trek}.
Height – 923m {3,028 ft}.
Timings – 24hrs.

The ultimate trek to start for a beginner. Korigad is a fort in Aamby Valley City near Lonavala. Trekking trails through steps between the lush green forests is a beautiful experience. Korigad has a beautiful view of Aamby Valley and the forests nearby. The vast fort is something you would love when you visit in monsoon and you would definitely love the view when you see the city. You can also stay at Lonavala, visit Lonavala the next day and then proceed for your destination. All these factors make Koraigad Fort one of the best place to trek in Maharashtra.

  1. Lohagad Fort Trek.

Location – Near Lonavala
Duration both ways- Approx 4hrs {1 day trek}
Height – 1,033m {3,389 ft }.
Timings – 9am to 6pm.

Lohagad fort means the {The Iron Fort}. This fort was under the Maratha empire and is also connected to it’s nearby Visapur fort. Trekking at this place is a thrilling experience. This destination is known for its green beauty, adventurous trekking route, panoramic views and illustrious history, Lohagad Fort is certainly worthy of a visit. Certainly a great choice for a history seeker too. This place is full of nature and therefore the most loved place to trek in Maharashtra

  1. Visapur Fort Trek.

Location – Pune district, near Malavli rly station.
Duration both ways – Approx 4hrs {1 day trek}.
Height – 1,084 m {3,556 ft}.
Timings – 24hrs

Welcome Beginners and History seekers, Visapur fort was earlier ruled by Maratha Empire , then by East India Company and then by India. In the fort there are caves, and old houses. Trekking to this fort in Monsoon is a must because you get to witness waterfalls, grennery all around, and pleasant environment. Here you will find temples of Hanuman all over place. Visapur fort is also connected to it’s nearby lohagad fort. It’s a 1 day trek so off yo go on weekends with your friends and experience this trek and have a look at the majestic nature itself. Definately one of the best easiest and cheapest places to trek in Maharashtra for beginners

Best easiest and cheapest places to trek in Maharashtra
  1. Kalsubai Peak Trek.

Location – Bari Village {Base Village}
Duration one way – Almost 4hrs {2day day trek}.
Height – 1,646m {5400 ft}.
Timings – 24hrs.

If you don’t know it’s the highest peak of Maharashtra or also called as the Everest of Maharashtra. Kalsubai Peak is a dream for every beginner and don’t worry it gets completed when you have that confidence and excitement level to be on the top of Maharashtraband then you feel it easy. Yes, Kalsubai Peak is The Beautiful Experience you will ever have. The Trek is moderate yes, but once you reach at the top is like being on top of the world. Okay so you’ll come across through river and muddy patches at the start, be careful you don’t want to slip there. Then you come across the steps and then you come across the iron ladders. Trekking over here is like in the hands of nature, beautiful and breathtaking. You get stops in between for snacks and finally you reach at the top where there is a small temple and you witness fog, cool breeze and nature at its best. Best time to visit is the start of monsoon and recommended to have a camp stay at the top.

For beginners best recommended, have this trek after some few treks you have done or else you don’t want to sit at home for 2 or 3 days in pain.

These are one of the most pleasant places that every beginner, soon to be a trekker should give it a must try by making it the best easiest and cheapest places to trek in Maharashtra.

Well, best places at it’s best with best beauty and facilities. You must give it a try to these places and enjoy it’s facilities soon.

All these places which are the best easiest and cheapest places to trek in Maharashtra carry an affordable cost and value for money.

For any treks in future contact us. So, this Lockdown ( Stay Home, Stay Safe)

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